Inner Attention
Outer Structure

The Leadership Impact Formula

Jed created this formula to solve the root of leadership failure.

But let’s call it what it is:
Blame. Disowned responsibility. Lack of trust in yourself and others.

How long have you been disowning your responsibility?
Like most leaders and artists, you probably believe that you need to create more, do more, or build better teams and systems — and worse, there are likely a whole slew of people and problems you point toward that are keeping you from doing any of these things! That’s outward attention: wasted energy trying to change the world before you change yourself.

Shifting to Inner Attention means slowing down, facing truths you don't want to witness and ultimately taking deep ownership of the reasons that you haven't yet created success.

Inner Attention brings forward the true leader you've always been. You'll reclaim boldness which aligns your business with your closest values, and unlock the clarity to implement resilient, powerful Outer Structure so that your business starts growing again.


Disowning is a disease.

Healthy ownership creates freedom.

What happens when you adopt
the Leadership Impact Formula?

As you engage Inner Attention and Outer Structure, you'll feel like you're taking off a backpack — one that's heavy, full of responsibilities and fears. Once you complete this journey of setting down what's no longer needed and from that place building resilient structures, you'll finally have a growing business that gives you the meaning, money and time you've been working toward for so long.

One year into coaching, I am now confident in the foundations of my leadership and my business has grown 37% since I began working with Jed.
— BD, Entrepreneur, Oregon USA


The Leadership Impact Formula


SolO Leaders  |   Teams, Couples, & Partners


Solo Leaders

Start Growing Again

Get paid for all those hours you've poured in—with growing, stable revenue.

Reclaim Your Time

Love your work again — while cherishing new space for family, travel, and community.

Trust Your Team

Build a team that's like family—with trust, clarity, and purpose.

Automate the Business

No more reinventing the wheel. Your resilient systems create predictable results.

Navigate From Within

Grow into the authentic leader you've always been— fully trusting yourself.

Meaning and Profit

Your life's purpose and your business become one.

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Leadership Teams, Couples, & Partners

“Trust isn't just the greatest currency, it's the only currency. Once trust is gone in any form of currency, the value is gone.”

― Richie Norton


Culture of Ownership

Your partner and employees bring solutions, not problems.

No More Mistrust

A series of difficult yet rewarding conversations that destroy politics and build deep trust.

Aligned Objectives

Rediscover commitment through simple goals that the entire team can champion.

Surprisingly Powerful Results

Commitment and accountability that now create profound shifts in the trajectory of your company.


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