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Jed Bickford, Leadership Coach

At age 12, I had a dream. It was simple: treat myself and a friend to a lavish day at the local waterpark by the end of the summer. I didn’t have the money for this, yet I never thought about getting a job — I come from a family of small business owners, including my father and grandfather, who both supported their families with construction businesses. So I started something. I decided to go door to door selling painting services, with my brushes and tools on the back of my bike. I handed out business cards drawn and lettered by my mother. That summer I earned plenty of money —which paled into comparison to the taste of sovereignty my little business gave me. This set my life direction — I saw and felt the power for business to help good visions become reality.

Since then, I’ve learned what constitutes the structure and heart to create and sustain our most ambitious visions.

Now it is my great joy and honor to offer counsel to a diverse group of leaders across the globe.  These people are just like you: founders, artists, solopreneurs, nonprofit movement-makers — all seeking to expand beyond the limits preventing you from the fullest expression of your life’s work.

Through the ups and downs of my own journey, I’ve been called, occasionally demanded, to look deeply inward. I discovered that as a leader I ignored my inner world with regularity — mistakenly turning a blind eye to my greatest power and deepest gifts. I limited the breadth of our team’s success and my leadership to a box defined by fear, cultural norms, and family history.

Lesson learned: our responsibility is to embrace our fundamental inner truths — so that what we create can finally reach its potential.

These days, my own work of inner attention and outer structure lead me to meditate daily, dance frequently, and take each breath with gratitude.

As an explorer at heart, you can find me half the year in Boulder, Colorado and the rest traveling the globe, connecting with the beauty of humanity and the elements.

— Jed

PS: feel free to email me if you’d like to speak personally:

jed at jedbickford.com



Past Roles & Trainings

  • Member of Leadership Team at EMyth, the business coaching company. Head of Marketing, then head of Software Product Development and Internal Operations.

  • Founder + CEO at J. Bickford & Co, boutique marketing / web application development agency — clients included MailChimp & Chargify.

  • Co-founder + CEO of Living Earth Beauty, successful exit via sale to competitor.

  • Project Manager of $60MM+ in commercial construction projects, building for Whole Foods, Sprint, and Peet's Coffee.

  • BSc, Construction Management, University of Washington — additional focuses in Computer Science & Business Management.

  • Trained/certified as EMyth Business Coach.

  • Trained/certified as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy Practitioner.

  • 12 years offering coaching, consulting, and group facilitation. With entrepreneurs, industries include manufacturing, entertainment, construction, travel, solo service providers, web application development, and nonprofit foundations. Work with artists includes musicians, fine artists, writers, and healers.